Philosophy and Mission


To help my clients achieve consistently desirable results through a disciplined approach to mortgage and MSR pricing and valuation, with unwavering attention to understanding, measuring and mitigating risk.

Doug Foster & Associates, Inc.

​Mortgage Banking Consulting and Training​


As an independent consultant, my focus is purely on the requirements and goals of my clients.  My philosophy is based on a core set of principles:

  • Communication - My experience and skills are important to my clients. Equally important is the need to communicate complex ideas in a clear and simple manner, and to establish measurable pathways to desired results.
  • Honesty - My practice is based on a transparent business model. I keep my clients fully informed and strive to ensure they understand all aspects of the business relationship before we solidify any commitment.
  • Reliability - I meet or exceed each of our goals and promises. Otherwise, I do not make them.
  • Quality - This is the foundation of my practice.  I use advanced tools and techniques to ensure the highest quality solutions.
  • Vision - The mortgage industry undergoes constant change.  While this is often viewed as a cause for concern, I view it as generating endless possibilities for the future.  I strive to work with my clients to make the most of the opportunities such change presents.